Welcome to the New Site

September 7, 2011

If you are reading this, then welcome to ScoobyPrep.com. I'm SUPER excited about the launch of my new site and happy to have you here.

Many of you are probably wondering why the new website? Well businesses grow, mature and morph. My wife has taken Natty Nutrition somewhere we didn’t quite envision; she is helping probably 200 plus general nutrition clients yearly and Natty Nutrition is also now a supplement line with Slin-Trol Max and our Whey Protein being big sellers. We were finding that the general nutrition clients looking for her on the web were a bit leary of the heavy bodybuilding/figure content of Natty Nutrition. In an effort to alienate no one, we felt it best to have a website for myself that could be a little more hardcore and dedicated to my clients. Th...

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