Scooby Prep Scooby Prep Scooby Prep Welcome to the New Site Wed, 07 Sep 2011 19:45:10 EST <p>If you are reading this, then welcome to I'm SUPER excited about the launch of my new site and happy to have you here.</p> <p>Many of you are probably wondering why the new website? Well businesses grow, mature and morph. My wife has taken Natty Nutrition somewhere we didn&rsquo;t quite envision; she is helping probably 200 plus general nutrition&nbsp;clients yearly and Natty Nutrition is also now a supplement line with Slin-Trol Max and our Whey Protein being big sellers. We were finding that the general nutrition clients looking for her on the web were a bit leary of the heavy bodybuilding/figure content of Natty Nutrition. In an effort to alienate no one, we felt it best to have a website for myself that could be a little more hardcore and dedicated to my clients. That&rsquo;s not to say I won&rsquo;t work with general nutrition clients, but even when I do, they normally aren&rsquo;t new at this:&nbsp;they just simply don&rsquo;t want to compete.</p> <p>I also have been working with MANY national level competitors in the NPC, and turned some recent IFBB pros. I want to make sure my brand turns away no clients, and is open to ALL competitors.</p> <p>I will be blogging more on my new site, sometimes about the &ldquo;sport,&rdquo; sometimes it may be about my personal life, or how nutrition or competing interact with my personal pursuits. Who knows some of them may even be interesting. <br /><br />If you have a goal to compete or improve your conditioning I can help. Send me an email at <a href=""></a>.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>