Below you will find the packages offered along with pricing. 

Bodybuilding/Physique/Figure/Bikini/General Nutrition


All programs will be based on the macro system, and you will be given access to our very own online diet calculator with your own login and password.  I will provide you with the amount of protein, carbs and fats I want you to hit for the day, and each meal, and you can build a diverse plan using the diet calculator which is owned and has been developed by Scoobyprep and Natty Nutrition. If you have any questions email me at  All programs include unlimited emails, all adjustments to the macros, constant monitoring, custom training if added on below, cardio types and times and supplement advice and recommendations—all in effort to create a one stop shop.

If you need a plan that is built gram-by-gram-food-by-food send me an email and we can discuss some options. Sometimes I can build the first one using your area inside the diet calculator and thereafter you can pick up with the adjustments using the tool - OR you may pay to have my associate build a plan for you.


  • In an effort to streamline the pricing of our nutrition packages, every nutrition consult now consists of just one down payment (includes client assessment, detailed macros, cardio schedule, supplements and one free general training plan along with client setup in meal plan calculator) plus a recurring monthly fee
    • $200-$350 down and then $100-$200 per month thereafter (depending on the consultant you work with)
    • NO CONTRACTS - cancel anytime
    • to begin working with any of the Scooby Consultants CLICK HERE
  • Tailored training program offered for $350 - covers 12 months
  • CLICK HERE to purchase

******Competition Prep: You will be in constant contact with Jason on a DAILY basis to report morning dry weight along with other important details of how the prior days have been going. You will send Jason pictures once per week, or upon request, which may be sooner towards the end of prep.

******General Nutrition: Receives the same attention as any other plan. The only difference is you check in once  per week with your dry morning weights and pictures, but can email me with questions whenever. Everything else is the same service show or no show.