New IFBB Pro Women's Bodybuilder

Going into 2011 I was at a crossroad of how to handle my contest preparation. In 2009 and 2010 I had worked with one of the very well known gurus for my prep. Did I get in good shape? Yes I did, but something was missing. Lack of contact during my preparation and post-contest in 2010 lead me to want to make a change.

My husband had worked with Jason for a couple shows and I was always amazed... at how detailed and hands on Jason was with him. I went with my husband on some of his visits to check in with Jason, so I knew how he worked. Along the way besides my husband, I had seen other competitors Jason had worked with and NO ONE! ever came into a show not in top condition. No matter their age, level of experience they were always conditioned.

So after a lot of thought and consideration I made the move. I contacted Jason to help me prepare for the 2011 NPC Masters Nationals, it was a move I will never regret. The nutrition plans he laid out were detailed and there was no second guessing what your caloric intake was. He made subtle adjustments along the way and they were always on the mark. He would make adjustments to my cardio as needed, never anything extreme. I think the one thing with Jason is his response time. it is so quick almost scary, I was not use to that. Another thing that falls into his response time, is his requirement to report to him my weight daily. Yes you heard right, not weekly, but everyday and he always responded. Sometimes it would be just a simple “thanks ” but if something looked off he would make an adjustment. Example might be, we had made a adjustment to my diet and my weight was not moving, he would look things over and correct it to get things going in the right direction.

As the show date got closer I was ready to go at least a week before I was to step on stage. Going into that weekend Jason had a wedding he was in and could not attend the show. Even with him being in the wedding and all that entails, he was still in contact with me or my husband the whole time. Wanting photos, how I was feeling etc.

In the end it was the right move. When the show was over Friday night, I was a IFBB PRO.

My next move will to compete at the pro level in the IFBB and I will continue use his assistance in preparing for my first pro show.

Amy Sibcy IFBB PRO