Kalene Smith Bikini Competitor Testimonial

I began working with Jason about 8 weeks out from a show I last minute decided to compete in. I had one show under my belt but needed that expertise to help coach me with diet, keep me in line throughout my comp prep and help me with a good split to hit my problem areas.

As I mentally decided to compete in the 2011 WBFF Worlds, I sought out several prep coaches asking them several questions about how they work with clients and researching their competitive history. I heard about Jason through my boyfriend who highly respects certain competitors and coaches due to the theories and methods they follow. As I reached out to Jason he was extremely responsive and provided me with full detail on how his comp prep works.

As a competitor, there are times that you feel confused, lost and frustrated. Working with Jason he constantly assured me that we were on the right path. He provided me with a very detailed nutrition plan and workout split. Jason would respond within the hour to any email I sent him. Any question I had as to why we were doing something nutrition or exercise wise he would explain in full detail. Jason made this comp prep so easy! He really understood my body and how it reacts to food. I never felt starved and my energy levels were high the entire time. Jason truly has a passion to help people achieve their goals, I enjoyed every moment working with him.