New IFBB Figure Professional

My journey with Jason began in 2008 as I was getting ready for my first National level NPC figure competition.  I was struggling with my prep and was encouraged to contact Jason.  He helped me lean down to get on stage but we both knew that my diet strategy needed a major overhaul if I was going to continue competing at these large shows.  We plugged away tweaking both my contest prep and off-season plans.  I really enjoyed my diet plans and didn’t feel like I was depriving myself.  He was always one step ahead of my body, making adjustments when needed and helping me push through any plateaus that occurred along the way.  As the saying goes, diet is 80%+ of what we competitors do.  Each year as I continued on the National level NPC stage, I made noticeable improvements.
I am now very excited and proud to be an IFBB Professional Figure Competitor, winning the overall at the 2011 North Americans.   The journey over the past few years and the success that I have achieved would not have been possible without Jason’s knowledge, attention to detail and support.   The family of other competitors that I have met along the way has been an added bonus.  I look forward making my professional debut in 2012. 
I highly recommend Jason Theobald to anyone looking to make improvements to their physique.  Competitor or looking to live a healthy lifestyle, Jason will truly change your thoughts about nutrition and health.  They certainly have transformed me into my best shape!