I started working with Jason in January of 2011.  I had already done 6 national-level figure competitions, but I had hit a wall in progress.  In order to reach the next level, I was going to need even more structure in my prep, and more specifically, my diet.   

A friend of mine had worked with Jason in 2009, and raved about his expertise and dedication to each and every client.  After reaching out to Jason, I understood all the hype!  His attention to detail, abundance of knowledge, and immediate response to every email showed me how much thought and care was going into my success.  I had daily contact with Jason and never felt like I was lost or unattended to in any way.  In fact, I almost felt like I was his only client, even though I know there are many more.  I truly had a mentor this year, and am so grateful for his guidance. 

The prep, itself, was entirely different than what I had ever done.  Jason allotted more carbs than I‘d ever had, which made me extremely nervous.  I realized if I wanted his help, though, I had to trust the process.  Surprisingly, I ended up getting a little “too lean” going into the first show.  It is still funny saying it, because I have never had that issue, let alone on more food than I am accustomed to eating! Jason knew what to do, though, and restructured the diet and cardio accordingly.  Now I really had to believe in his advice--I was essentially trying to put body fat back on for the USA’s without going overboard.  This can really mess with your mind when you are used to adding cardio and taking out food, rather than vice versa!  Luckily, I had already been working with Jason for 6 or 7 months, and I knew firsthand that he was on top of his game.  Long story, short, I earned 4th place at USA’s and could not have been more thrilled.  When I scroll back through close to 250 emails, I found one of our first correspondences.  I told Jason that my number one goal for 2011 was to make the top 5 at a national show.  Mission accomplished!  I am so happy I decided to work with Jason and could not see myself prepping for a show without him now.  Jason on a whole is truly dedicated to helping you reach your goals and  invested in your success!