“This year I made one of the best decisions I could have ever made teaming up with Jason for my first competition. Competing was always something I had wanted to do but never felt like I was ready to go through with the whole process. I read up on other “gurus” and their approaches to contest prep and before we even got started, Jason was there to answer questions and address concerns that I’m sure anyone has before throwing down money for contest prep; after all you have to make sure it’s a good investment. After shooting quite a few emails back and forth it was clear that I’d be hiring Jason to guide me through my prep.

Throughout the process I didn’t have to think about anything besides my training. All my food was laid out to the gram and cardio was always mapped out for me. Jason held me accountable each morning for reporting my morning dry weight so he would be able to make adjustments at the end of the week if need be. Jason’s approach was methodical and left no margin for error; this made the entirety of the prep stress-free in that regard. In addition to our protocol, I was able to email any questions or concerns I had several times per day (and believe me some days there were quite a few, lol) and 98% of the time I received a detailed answer back within minutes. I can’t recall a time where I didn’t receive anything back in over an hour.

I remember telling Jason that all I wanted was a trophy and I would be happy with my achievement. Well, I ended up taking first place in the novice lightweight, open lightweight, and I won the novice overall at the NPC Pacific USA’s; Jason definitely delivered and brought my body to a level of conditioning I would have never thought obtainable. When I started prepping for this show I said I just wanted to say I did a show and didn’t really have plans on competing again. Now, I’ve caught the bug and Jason has showed me that I do belong onstage and can compete for top placings. It’s tentative at this point when I will be competing next, however, when that time comes I will 100% without a doubt have Jason and Natty Nutrition in my corner for my contest prep.

Thanks for all that you do Jason!”

–Ryan Stephani
NPC Pacific USA’s, 1st place Novice Lightweight, Novice Overall Champion, and 1st Place Open Lightweight