Thank You For Helping Me in Ways You Will Never Know....

“After years of training and not seeing the progression or the results I wanted I became irritated and continued to try any mainstream thing I could to change my physique. When I started training and following a “nutrition program” back in high school I had absolutely no clue what I was doing. I would pick up the latest Muscle Magazine and flip through to the newest diet and give it a shot.

It wasn’t but a year ago that I decided to prep for my first show. I figured that I have been training for so long that I owed it to myself and others to try to take it to the next level. Well, the unexpected started to happen. I was working full time as a Police Officer in the inner City. I was able to keep training as consistent at possible along with diet. The closer I got to a show and to my goals I would sustain a serious work injury that would set me back from training. Needless to say I became more and more frustrated. I decided to keep working at it and fight through these unavoidable circumstances. Around Thanksgiving of last year I traveled down south to meet with a very near a dear friend of mine (Erin Rhoades). While I was down there she introduced me to allot of great people in the fitness industry. After she introduced me to Joe Daniels I was curious about his conditioning, as anyone who has seen him would be.

Erin began to tell me about Natty Nutrition and about Jason and Stephaney. I thought about it, but decided that I would just “stick to what I have been doing for the last few years. ” I would see these people in a magazine, along with their diet, and think that all I had to do was follow this SAME diet ALL the time and EVENTUALLY I would look that way. Well, I was dead wrong. That spring I competed in my first show. I competed as a heavy weight, in poor condition, and well….didn’t do well…at all. After that I talked to Erin and she was adamant that I contact Natty Nutrition. I kicked the stubbornness aside and contacted Natty and began a journey that not only helped me achieve MY BEST, but helped me during some storms in my life.

From the first time I talked with Jason via Email I could tell that he was passionate about what he did. I thought this was going to be someone that just shot me a diet every three weeks and was hard to get a hold of. This was not the case at all. Through the long 17 weeks Jason has was unbelievable. He was patient, extremely knowledgeable, hard working, and well…flat out knows what he is doing. I was going through an extremely tough time in my life and Jason kept me motivated. A couple weeks into my diet I was involved in a very bad assault at work which put me in the hospital for a week and surgery was involved. I almost ended up losing my hand and thought all hope was lost. During this time Jason helped me get through it and even suggested certain foods that I eat while I was stuck in the hospital.

It seemed that during these 17 weeks I was at one of my worst points. I could go on and on about different things that were happening, but I think we all understand what these storms are about. I remember at one point I was ready to give up and everything was spiraling out of control. I remember Jason telling me…” just relax bud, control what you can control, your diet and nutrition.” He was right! This is the ONLY thing in my life I could control…so I did.

Halfway through the diet I decided competing wasn’t for me, and that I wanted to get into fitness modeling instead. I told Jason my different goals and he adapted and was very encouraging as well. He continued to be patient with me and answer some of the stupid questions ( I HOPE ) we all have had : ) I had a fitness photo shoot scheduled, and as promised he stuck with me EVEN during the shoot. It was amazing.

I am truly grateful and feel blessed for having Natty Nutrition introduced to me. After I received my photos it wasn’t eight hours before I heard from a modeling agency who wants an interview. I know I would have never been able to do this without Jason’s knowledge. So thank you Natty Nutrition for what you have taught me. Thank you for keeping me strong when everything was falling apart, and thank you for helping me in ways that you will never know : ) I hope if you are reading this and have any thoughts about using Natty that you …DO IT. I would be more than happy to help answer any questions if anyone has any. Thanks again for everything!!!


Kyle Hein”

October 2010