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      Alex Tilinca

      Working with general nutrition clients to achieve their physique, performance and wellness goals.

      Being the first transgender man classic physique competitor, I have a unique background of working with transgender female-to-male individuals that are either pre hormonal transition/post hormonal transition and deeper understanding of hormones and their integral role in the body.


      All training, consulting, and nutrition plans are custom built just for you.

      Functional Health & Nutrition

      Custom nutrition plan tailored to meet your goals and fit your goals and fit your lifestyle. Supplementation Protocol. Training guidance and recommendations. Weekly check ins, monitoring and plan changes with periodization protocols. Blood lab work reviewed as needed.

      Customized Training Plan

      Custom training plan to maximize performance and training goals without the coaching or check-ins.

      Customized Meal & Diet Plan

      Custom meal plan to maximize both aesthetics and performance without the coaching or check-ins.

      Client Testimonials

      Jake Pollack

      This past year, 6 weeks out from my first Competition I had no clue what I was doing.

      To say Alex was a great coach would be an understatement. Alex was there whenever I needed him, he would help me implement specific training daily. He would text me every day motivating me and pushing me to go harder. When the diet got hard he also helped me there, giving me pointers to be mentally tough and Alex gave me a specific workout plan to follow and he also would make changes when needed to the plan throughout prep.

      I’d say the best thing about having Alex as a coach was the personalized feel of it all and knowing that if I ever needed him he would be there. Would definitely recommend to anyone first show or 30th show to use Alex as a coach. I know I always will!

      Lucas Shutah

      I worked with Alex Tilinca for a little over a year during 2020-2021. The program I worked with him on included training along with nutrition. Alex was very easy to work with, he was in communication often via text message or email and we did weekly check-ins every Monday morning.

      Throughout my time with Alex I was able to effectively utilize my program to my advantage and "lean out" when needed and gain muscle mass and size as well. My nutrition plan was mapped out for me making it easy to hit my macros and stay on track throughout the week. He also included a "food bank" of foods that I could incorporate if I felt like changing any of my meals while still staying in line with the correct macros.

      During my time working with Alex I was able to differentiate my training to be geared towards "cutting" and "bulking". Prior to this I was working out, but never could say I effectively had different training phases where I did intentionally work to lean out and bulk up. I learned more about my body and how to gauge my personal progress better. I appreciate my time working with Alex and I support his continuous growth as an outstanding young man and a hard working individual.
      Best regards, Lucas

      Luke Scott

      When I think of Alex, I think of him first as a friend, second a mentor, and third as a coach. I started working with him more than a year and a half ago, and though I have had to take some breaks from coaching as a consequence of being a struggling college student with limited funds, his eagerness to welcome me back and get me on track has never once failed. He is dedicated, in every sense of that word.

      When I first met him, I was a lean 142 pounds. At 5’6(ish), I certainly looked good, but my physique was missing that extra something that delineates bodybuilders from gym bros. Alex changed everything for me; you’re not just buying a lifting program or meal plan when you work with this guy, you’re buying a lifestyle. There should be no doubt that this kind of transformation takes an unbelievable amount of effort and discipline but with Alex you know that that effort is not wasted. After spending years frustrated and unable to break that 150-pound mark, Alex got me to a mean 175 in just under 8 months. He is, perhaps, the best money I’ve ever spent.

      For the record, I have had other coaches- both of the famous, Instagram sort as well as the traditional dungeon gym breed. Alex combines the best of both worlds by incorporating the grind and drive necessary of any great athlete with up-to-date knowledge that keeps mind, body, and spirit in good health. As I said before, you’re buying so much more than a meal plan. You’re buying a real, sustainable change. Alex is so much more than a coach, and that is why I am working three jobs to keep working with him. He is so worth it.

      As a final note, I want to highlight his flexibility; through every life challenge one can imagine (and then a few more, for good measure) he has adapted and adopted new approaches to make sure I could do everything I needed to do, both inside and outside of the gym. I honestly can't think of a problem Alex couldn’t solve in the realm of fitness, and if he couldn’t, he would find somebody for you that could. He’s just that good.

      But don’t take my word for it- get a consult, send him a DM, connect with him and experience firsthand the quality of his character and depth of his dedication to the sport of bodybuilding. You won’t be disappointed.

      Kingsley Diaz

      When I was looking for a trainer, I came across Alex’s page. I chose him as a trainer because I felt he knew how to help me reach my goal. I liked that I was able to reach out to him any time I had any questions or wanted to change up my meals and workout plan. I made tons of progress working with him.

      The goal for me was to be able to eventually get comfortable on my own. With his support and motivation, I couldn’t have become more confident than I am today. Thanks to Alex, I’m still making progress!

      About Alex

      Hometown: Stony Brook, Long Island, New York

      Gym: Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym, Syosset, New York

      Fav Food: Halal, Fries & anything with cheese

      Education & Certifications:

      Currently working on:

      NCI Nutrition Coaching Specialist, Level 1

      NCI Thyroid Specialist, Level 1

      Degree: Business Entrepreneurship & Business Law, Hofstra University, Long Island, New York

      Occupation: Health & Nutrition consultant, Full-Time Student, Gymshark Sponsored Athlete

      Competition Placings:

      1st Place- Teen Classic Physique Legendz show

      2nd Place- Novice Classic Physique Legendz show

      2nd Place- Junior Classic Physique Legendz show

      Next Competition: TBD

      Hobbies: Competitive bodybuilder, sports & performance supplementation, training at new gyms, spending time with family and friends and occasionally walking my cat on a leash (yes you read that correct)

      Alex's Favorite Supps

      Essential Energy


      GDA Max


      Gourmet Greens




      Thyro Boost