Overall Champion

Jeremy at Shoot During His Preparation

First and foremost, let me start off by saying I sincerely appreciate all the help and guidance Jason provided for my pre-contest prep. Jason went well above and beyond what he needed to do in order to get me into contest shape. He's very astute and meticulous yet he didn't bombard me with a bunch of facts and figures per say. One thing that had me nothing short of flabbergasted was his response time to my e-mails. I've never worked with anyone before but I was very surprised at how quickly he answered my questions and concerns. Another thing I appreciated was the motivation Jason provided. There were times when I was skeptical of what he told me to eat, how I looked,  what to do, etc however I followed what he said and I looked the best I have ever looked when I stepped onstage. Dare say the time Jason and I worked together my body went through a metamorphosis especially in the legs. When I first came to Jason I was a bit on the pudgy side but when it was contest time I was lighter than ever but the quality of my physique far exceeded what I looked like in the past. On contest day I weighed in at 157.8 and was able to win the open middleweights at the NPC Midwest Ironman and win the middleweights and overall at the NPC Natural Mid-States Muscle Classic along with the Best Wheels award. I'd highly recommend Jason to anyone who wants to get in the shape of their life. With his combination of "know-how", nutritional guidance and passion, Jason can unequivocally help you reach your physique goals whatever they may be. In my book Jason gets upset props what is commonly known as "mad respect" from me even though I need to take a page out of John Cena's arsenal and give him an "Attitude Adjustment" for all of those hours(and I do mean HOURS) upon hours of cardio he had me doing!! Thanks again for everything and hopefully we can do it again for a national level show.